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Accountants Dudley

If you are considering enlisting Accountants Dudley, it is important to understand what an accountant will actually do to improve and manage the financial situation of your business.

If you are a newly set up business looking for expert help and advice, or you have been struggling to manage your company accounts internally, Accountants Dudley can be a valuable asset.

How Can Accountants Dudley Help Your Business?

Companies often report staying on top of accounts and tax can be time consuming and overwhelming. This is often due to not having enough knowledge in the accounts area and having additional business day-to-day pressures.

Most limited companies choose to hire accountants to oversee the company’s finances. The cost of outsourcing is usually a small price to make steps in securing the businesses long-term security.

Outsourced company accountants are able to do as much or as little as you need them to, depending on the size and setup of your business.  However, they must be provided with up-to-date records, as the financial records will only ever be as accurate as the information provided to them.

Due to technology now allowing for virtual cloud-based accounting – communications and management are easier now than ever.

What tasks can your outsourced accountant do?

  • Setting up your limited company via Companies House (assuming you have not already done so)
  • Setting up and running a payroll system
  • Preparing your company’s quarterly VAT returns
  • Bookkeeping
  • Completing HMRC payroll-related forms (such asP60)
  • Completing your Annual Company Accounts
  • Completing your Company Tax Return
  • Provide mortgage or tenancy references
  • Dealing with HMRC correspondence
  • Submitting your official confirmation statement each year
  • Setting up a limited company bank account on your behalf


Vet Dentist & Pet Dental Care

Vet Dentist & Pet Dental Care

Did you know dental disease is the most common health problem pets face? You may not realise the importance of pet dental care, but it is key to prevent your beloved pet from developing a dental disease over time.

70% of cats and 80% of dogs will have some level of dental disease by age 2. The key to preventing a vet dentist visit is to control plaque build-up, accumulating particularly at the gum line. If it is not removed properly, the bacteria can cause pain and eventually tooth loss. Most people do not realise that plaque attaches to the tooth surface within 24 hours of cleaning.

Vet Dentists recommend both pet dental care at home and professional cleaning. Pet dental care at home’s primary goal is to reduce the amount of plaque on teeth daily. Brushing your pet’s teeth daily is proven to be the most effective way to mechanically remove plaque. However, owners are often put off due to pets being uncooperative resulting in teeth brushing being difficult. Speak to your local vet dentist if you are having trouble brushing at home – most advice involves starting to get pets used to looking inside their mouths as early as possible. Positive reinforcement, such as rewarding with a toy or small treat after brushing may get them to sit better.

Signs your pet may have dental pain

  • Bad breath
  • Build-up of tartar
  • Eating difficulties/refusing to eat and drink
  • Excessive salivation
  • Facial swelling
  • fatigue
  • Head sensitivity/reluctancy for anyone to touch
  • Loose or broken teeth
  • Lumps or bumps in their mouth
  • Stained or dark teeth
  • Swollen or irritated gums
  • Weight loss

vet dentist

Cat Vaccination

If you own a cat, part of that responsibility is making sure your cat has regular vaccinations.

Regular vaccinations are a must and should be given to all cats to protect them against feline conditions.

Some of the diseases that a cat vaccination will protect against are:


Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis



Feline herpesvirus type 1


All the above can be serious to cats and sometimes even fatal. So, you must keep your cat vaccinations up to date, most are yearly, some only every 3 years depending on each vaccine and how long it lasts but your vet will be able to advise you on this.

Cat with its paw up


Cost-wise a cat vaccination should not be too expensive but obviously, each vaccination and vet will differ. Some vets offer yearly packages that will cover any vaccinations or tablets that are required within that year. It is worth phoning around and getting ideas of costs before you buy a kitten or cat to make sure you can afford the costs.


Even if your cat is an indoor cat, it is still a good idea to get your cat vaccinated, your cat could escape or get out and if it is not protected the results could be fatal because of the seriousness of the feline diseases.


There are sometimes side effects for your cat once they have had their vaccine, but these are not usually serious. They may experience things such as vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, or lethargy… none of these should be any cause for concern but obviously, we recommend you keeping your eye on your cat to make sure that any of those symptoms do not continue for a long period of time.


We recommend always getting your vet’s advice on what vaccinations to have and when to have them.



Car Vinyl Graphics

Make Your Business Stand Out with Car Vinyl Graphics

If you are a business owner, you will almost certainly know how important it is to showcase the services you provide. Marketing is done in numerous ways, whether it is online, in person, or through a more indirect approach.

An example of this indirect method is by advertising your business on a vehicle used during work.

We have all seen these vehicles. With business names and numbers across the side, or maybe a catchy slogan on the back, or even an image to help further stick a brand in the public’s mind

The way to achieve this brand advertising with the highest quality is not by graffitiing your own van. Instead utilise car vinyl graphics.

A professional graphic designer can liaise with you to help understand the market you want to attract. The graphics can focus on a specific element of your business or something the public might want.

If you have several vehicles, they can incorporate the same vinyl designs for consistent brand awareness.

Good Car Vinyl Graphic Features to Look Out For

Ideally, you will want graphics that come in an array of sizes and shapes. It is crucial to have your company name as large as possible, but you do not want it all that large as it may be visually overbearing.

High resolution graphics will help with attracting public interest, whilst also increasing weather durability allowing you to drive in all conditions. The top range of car vinyl graphics can last between 5 and 7 years and can be added to the interior or exterior of a vehicle.

Have a diverse selection of colours to choose from will give you the exact aesthetic you need for your business, so that you can have the confidence that it is being marketing as best as possible.

Birmingham Colleges

(What courses are available & How to apply)

When leaving school it can be hard to decide which path to take and what exactly to do. When choosing to further your education there is an abundance of Birmingham colleges you can enrol at in order to do so.

Our article explains what courses are available and how to apply to college courses in Birmingham.

Birmingham College Courses

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK and with over 80,000 students attending colleges across the city, there is a plethora of spaces and activities for students to take part in, not to mention the great nightlife. However, the city not only offers a great social life but also offers a range of interesting Birmingham college courses.

College courses in Birmingham range from aerospace engineering to performing arts and photography. With such a wide range of subjects, want to be students can find a course that best suits them. Some popular college courses in Birmingham are:


 Beauty Therapy


 Carpentry & Joinery

 Early Years & Childhood Studies


 Motor Vehicle & Motor Sport


 Psychology & Criminology


 Travel & Cabin Crew

college courses in Birmingham

As well as a wide range of subjects, Birmingham colleges also provide courses for many age groups. At colleges around Birmingham you can choose from:

 16-19 Courses


 Part Time Learner

 Adult Courses

 Online Learner Courses

Apply to Colleges Around Birmingham

If you have found the perfect college course for you and your future, it is time to apply to some chosen colleges. When considering what colleges to apply to, you can apply to colleges around Birmingham as well as in the city itself.

When looking to apply to a Birmingham college course, simply attend an open evening of a college you wish to apply to or visit their website and complete and submit an application form.

After this, all you need to be aware of is the grades you need to qualify for your course and revise for your exams in order to achieve the entry requirements.