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Essay Writing

Tips for the best essay

I’m not ashamed to say that when I first started University, to say I was just bad at essay writing would be an understatement. Any attempt I handed in came back covered in notes asking for further clarification or criticising the rubbish I’d given them. My lecturers would struggle to find one positive thing to say about my writing. And yet, somehow, I now write for a living. I’m going to walk you through how I improved my writing technique using helpful tips and trick I have picked up from established essay writing London tutors. If you follow my tips and the information I have gathered from expert essay writing┬áservices, I’d be shocked if you walked out of University with anything less than a first.

Essay Writing London

Follow a “PEEL” structure.

It is vital to write each paragraph using the “PEEL” method. To follow the technique, start by stating the point you will be making and follow this with an example. Go on to explain your argument finishing by linking back to the original question. The structure demonstrates your point clearly and concisely, reducing any scope to waffle. “PEELing” your essay will result in a first-class essay with comprehensible structure.

Why not try reading back through the paragraph and pick out the PEEL formation. ­čśë

Write conversationally first.

Something that I found boosted my marks significantly was writing in a casual tone and editing this at the end. I discovered this technique when exploring the suggested writing methods across several specialist essay writing London associates. For example, I might start by saying “France is quite a big country” and eventually change this to “France has a large landmass”. By doing this, you get your thoughts onto paper as soon as possible. Writing quickly and then meticulously editing will lead to better essay writing scores.

I hope my essay tips have helped you. I hope to hear multiple stories about students moving from 2:2s to firsts.